Welcome to the Push-Pull Cessna C337 Skymaster

Carenado C337 Skymaster

The Cessna C337 Skymaster model developed by Carenado and released on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on the 14th January 2022. It is a unique design with a twin engine producing 200HP, 270 knots with a range of 930 miles.

The C337 had a very unique and gear up method on it rear wheels where they would cleverly pivot and stow into the rear of the fuselage. This design method earned itself a nickname of ‘The Duck’ as the method looked very similar to that of a duck tucking it’s hind legs behind itself during flight.

The C337 has a very clever push-pull design, with a propeller mounted on the front and the rear. It’s ancestor the O2 Skymaster ‘Bird-dog’ was well utilised during the Vietnam War as a spotter aircraft and target marker. It’s brave and courageous pilots would fly low level sorties, seeking out targets and marking out with flares, liaising with air-to-ground attack aircraft, identifying co-ordinates, best routes and ordnance for the strike.

The Film was used by Danny Glover in the 1988 film, Bat 21, which showed how well the aircraft performed in Vietnam as well as how well regarded the pilots of these fine aircraft were during such a protracted conflict.

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