The Mirage is Looking Deceptively Good

Off the back of Eagle Dynamic’s teaser of their video for what is to come in 2022, Aerges appear to be lining up another addition the DCS family – the Mirage F1. Aerges, formly known as AvioDev who brought us the C-101 Aviojet, are a spanish development company and have been working on this project for the best part of 2021.

Aerges preview of their up and coming release of the Mirage F1.

A french aircraft design and manufactured by Dassault Aviation, the aircraft was introduced to serve the French Aire Force (Armée de l’Air) both as an interceptor and a ground attack aircraft. The Mirage F1 beat several of it’s sibling aircraft to the production line, killing of both the F2 and F3 aircraft as it served more purposeful for multi-role, whilst also only requiring single aircrew.

Some great life videography of the Mirage F1 being put through it’s paces.

The Mirage F1 served many air forces worldwide, starting with the french and then later being sold to others, the South African Air Force (SAAF), the Iraqi Air Force, the Spanish Air Force (Ejército del Aire), but to name a few. It saw conflict in both Iraq wars with a handful or Iraqi pilots defecting to Iran with their beloved F1 to avoid being shot down by the technologically advanced US F15 Eagles. These, now Iranian Mirages, are still today being flown by the Iranian Air Force today.

Fantastic skill and bravery from these pilots in their Mirage F1 performing low level flying sorties.

The aircraft is still in service throughout the world today. The US Navy have purchased a handful for BCM training for their pilots.

If sources are correct, the new release from Aerges will include several variants, those include the C type interceptor and the multi-crew type B. Early access coming shortly, official release date still to be confirmed.

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