UK will see the next world update – coming January 2021

MFS2020 UK Update

MFS2020 has only just released a world update for the United States, giving some of the USA’s most iconic landscapes a brush up, but now it is the UK’s turn for some glossy makeovers.

Similarly to an earlier production by Asobo, which improved upon USA and Japan, they are now putting together a more accurate map of the UK using some awesome new data with aerial images of England, Scotland and Wales, with the addition of some new land marks.

The stubio discussed some major points in their livestram event, they are hoping to introduce upto 60 new points of interest, including key buildings and airports, from Lands End to Manchester Barton and Liverpool EGGP. Expect to put your piloting skills to the test against new landing challenges.

The developer has again confirmed that it is committed to releasing new content on a regular basis, alternating between Sim Updates and World Updates.

Asobo also alluded to further US updates next year which will hopefully include Hawaii and Alaska – “because it’s going to take that long to get the whole massive, massive country really processed”.

Before all that though, Asobo will be introducing VR support for all devices in its 22nd December update, and then it’s the UK’s turn for a makeover, currently pencilled in for a 26th January arrival next year. And if you’d like to know what else is planned for Flight Simulator, you’ll find more information – including word of an imminent water mask update to add more of those gorgeous translucent coastlines seen in trailers – in Asobo’s livestream.

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